Message on a Custom Postcard

There’s something about a postcard that’s so much better than a letter. You can write a message on a postcard, pop on a stamp, and send it on its way. There’s no need to give a postcard an envelope, because it acts as its own envelope, so to speak. You can get postcards with all kinds of pictures and themes on them, and can even have your own made. To celebrate the graduation of my son from high school, I got some special postcard printing by 55Printing, with pictures from the graduation printed on the postcards.

I invited many family members to watch my son’s graduation, but some of them couldn’t come because they lived too far away and simply couldn’t make it. The postcards were a good way to show the people who missed the graduation what happened, while giving them a little memento to cherish. My son insisted that he write a message on each one of the postcards to tell the family members how much he missed seeing them. He was able to write on each postcard in one afternoon. Continue reading

I Needed Some Furniture Cleaned

When I decided to buy some used furniture, I only made the decision after finding a professional company that does upholstery cleaning. I had seen the living room suite offered on a social media site that I look at for local deals, and it was simply gorgeous. I knew that I could never afford to buy something like that new, but getting it used was definitely something I was able to do. The price was nearly 80 percent off what a furniture store would charge, and it looked as if it was well taken care of.

Even with that though, I still wanted to have it professionally cleaned before I used it myself. I am just funny that way. I just know that a person never really knows what goes on anywhere, so I wanted to make sure it was clean. I purchased the furniture and arranged for the upholstery cleaning company to come the same day I picked it up. Continue reading

Making a Commercial for a Contest

Every year there is a contest that is help by a well known snack chip manufacturer. The entrants of the contest have to make a commercial for one of the company’s chips. The winning entrant will be given a free trip to the Super Bowl and their commercial is aired for millions to see. Every year the company picks a funny commercial as the winner. This year I’m going to look at the Cyber Monday camera deals and get myself a camera so I can shoot my own commercial. I already have some ideas for commercials that I think will be selected as the winner.

My first commercial idea involves a kid with a fake time machine that he built out of cardboard. He uses it to trick one of his neighbors into giving up his chips by telling the man that the machine runs on chips. Continue reading

Association Memory with Marketing Impacts

I’ve learned that offering clients a simple gesture of thanks for their business and patience goes a long, long way in bringing them back to your services. Even if it’s a simple, uniquely designed receipt template to reflect the nature of the work that was done for them or a whimsical characters for them to crack a smile at. Whatever the gesture and in whatever form it comes, it is the purest form of marketing and the one to carry the most meaning behind it. It lets them know the depth of your thanks. Taking a task upon yourself that wasn’t necessary or requested in order to please them for the simple gratitude of knowing they enjoy it is a powerful method of association.

The psychology of the mind is the machinery which advertisers seek to exploit. Continue reading

Tips & Advice For Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company

If you’re searching for some tips and advice on hiring a carpet cleaning company, then this guide is just what you’re looking for. In particular, we’re going to show you several important considerations you’ll need to think about before you hire the professionals, so let’s take a look at the advice we have for you.

Tip 1 – Check reviews

Most professional companies will be happy to share their best testimonials with you, but it’s certainly worth digging a little deeper to find out what their real customers think. With many 3rd party independent review websites around, it’s never been easier to find more information about a company – especially when it comes to carpet cleaning. This will help you decide whether they’re the people you want to trust with your carpets.

Tip 2 – Check their certification

A reliable carpet cleaning company will hold some kind of technical training to ensure they know how to perform best their job, as well as make sure they can work with a range of carpets without causing any damage.

With this in mind, always remember to check their credentials before hiring. Do they have specialist training for dealing with expensive rugs, cleaning fabrics, or cleaning upholstery?

All of these services require additional skills, so if you’re planning to use the company for a variety of cleaning services, it pays to do your research and make sure they have the training to back up their promises.

Tip 3 – Ask questions

There’s nothing worse than hiring a carpet cleaning company, only to be lumped with a bill that’s much higher than you had expected to pay. To avoid finding yourself in this situation, it’s a good idea to ask plenty of questions before you commit to using their service.

Some questions you should ask include whether it costs extra to move furniture, whether they’ll be charging extra for any pre-treatment they’ll be performing – and you’ll also need to ask some practical questions, such as how long it’ll be before you can use your carpet again.

Tip 4 – Preparation

In some cases, you may be able to save some money by performing some of the crucial carpet cleaning preparation yourself.

This simply means doing your best to remove all furniture from a room, as well as breakable items and clutter. This makes the carpet cleaners job much easier, which means it’ll take less time, and ultimately – this should mean the final fee might be reduced. However, it’s wise always to check with the company first.