I Have Been over in the UK

I have been over here in the United Kingdom on assignment for the past few days. My editor claimed that he wanted me to interview one of the members of the conservative government, but he seems to have been sorely mistaken about the availability of this person. He claimed that he had personally spoken to the Home Minister for Internet Safety and Security, a former Google executive named Baroness Joanna Shields. However when I go where he tells me to go they have no clue who I am and in fact the lady in question is not even there for me to interview if by some chance she agreed to meet a guy who wanders into the office. In fact she is a rather attractive woman and I would assume that she is rather wealthy as well, at least most of the people who have worked for Google that I know about, they all earn a lot of money.

At any rate I had a bunch of questions for her about encryption and privacy. The laws over here are a lot different than they are in the USA, I had spent a good deal of time and effort trying to learn what the UK’s policies were and I had quite a few questions to ask. I have been trying to arrange for them to get answered by email or by Skype instead. It seems pretty obvious that they are not going to grant me a face to face interview, but of course it is pretty easy to get some person to reply to you via email. That pretty much eliminates the chance of an error. You get to think out the response and then double check it for consistency. It certainly is not what I would have liked, but it is perhaps all I can get.