It is Fun to Put in a Sidewalk

If it wasn’t for a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY, I don’t know how I would have complied with a demand from the city to install a sidewalk on my property. We had a stretch of land on the side of the house that didn’t have a sidewalk when we moved in and I didn’t give it much thought until the city came knocking. I got an official letter from them saying you have to put a sidewalk in or we’re going to fine you every day that you don’t have one. So nice to hear that!

They did offer to pay for half of the walk, bless their hearts, but they wanted me to foot the other half and do all the legwork of hiring a company or they would hire one and I would have to pay whatever they charged. I had images of a massive bill floating through my mind as I hopped on a computer to find someone who could do it for a reasonable price. No way was I going to trust the city government. I looked online for someone who specifically did sidewalk work and who would do it quickly and cheaply.

The people I found do good work. They came out and measure where the walk would go and explained the process to me. They were familiar with the city doing this to homeowners and knew all the steps involved. They even offered to work with the city officials to get the paperwork cleared up so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. That sounded great so I hired them and before I knew it they had that sidewalk poured and dried. It couldn’t have even been a week. It’s like they started and then I came home and it was done! They did an excellent job.